Our Solution
99% Accurate Inventory
Compsolution implemented the LAMBS™ software package which includes multi-warehouse and showroom management.
C'est Toi was able to use LAMBS™ to gain an accurate and aerial view of their inventory. Furthermore, they were able to easily manipulate their
data and create custom reports to gain insight to reduce inventory inaccuracies.
Multi-Warehouse & Showroom Inventory Control
C'est Toi's CEO explains, "If a company does not have accurate inventory as a small company, chances are, they are not yet ready to be a big company. "
LAMBS™ Inventory Control
Multiple locations such as warehouses, factories, and storefronts can be defined for sales and production.
Up to 98 locations can be defined for separate invoicing
and control.
LAMBS™ Inventory Control on C'est Toi