YA needed a technology solution that could handle the company's shift towards multi-channel sales. While YA had considerable experience
handling and processing orders from showrooms, they needed a solution that could seamlessly transfer and process sales from trade shows and online orders.
Our Solution
All-In-One Solution
Compsolution implemented a fully integrated technology solution that eliminated the need for re-entry into multiple software packages.
This has led to not only significant time savings but also has led to the near-elimination of human error.
All-In-One Solution
YA's CEO explains, "We found that various software packages would fulfill our needs, but only Compsolution was able to offer a fully integrated and scalable solution at a price that our medium-size business could feel comfortable with"
Web Customization controlled by LAMBS™
YA was able to easily customize their online presence and add
value-added services for their customers. YA customers are now
able to review their past order history, place orders online and
fully track their current orders. Customers can now feel more
confident than ever in placing an order with YA.