From the company's inception, Prettygood understood the vital role that technology would play within the company.
Prettygood utilized software and technology packages from various service providers to support their information technology needs.
As an increasing number of customers required Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Prettygood recognized that an EDI solution
that could be fully integrated with their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP)system would lead to considerable efficiencies.
Our Solution
Fully Integrated EDI
Compsolution implemented LAMBS™ with full EDI integration so that Prettygood would have all the capabilities of utilizing a third party
EDI provider to communicate with trading partners while eliminating the need for re-entry into other manufacturing programs.
Streamlined Processing
Prettygood's CEO explains, "We recognized the need for an
EDI service and we recognized the need for an ERP System.
We never thought it would be so easy to combine the two."