As a growing company, C'est Toi wanted to ensure that potentially damaging habits would not form.
While the industry standard dictated that it was acceptable, in some cases, to have inventory numbers be off by as much as 10%, C 'est Toi realized that having inaccurate inventory data would be extremely damaging in the long run. C'est Toi needed a scalable technology solution that could handle the company's complex inventory methods and multiple warehouses.
Our Solution
99% Accurate Inventory
Compsolution implemented the LAMBS™ software package which includes multi-warehouse and showroom management.
C'est Toi was able to use LAMBS™ to gain an accurate and aerial view of their inventory. Furthermore, they were able to easily manipulate their
data and create custom reports to gain insight to reduce inventory inaccuracies.
Multi-Warehouse & Showroom Inventory Control
C'est Toi's CEO explains, "If a company does not have accurate inventory as a small company, chances are, they are not yet ready to be a big company. "
LAMBS™ Inventory Control
Multiple locations such as warehouses, factories, and storefronts can be defined for sales and production.
Up to 98 locations can be defined for separate invoicing
and control.
LAMBS™ Inventory Control on C'est Toi